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We offer a range of “private label”, customised

and comprehensive managed account solutions

for financial planners and dealer groups.

Institutional funds management expertise tailored to integrate directly with your business
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More than just an investment manager, a business solution based on a team relationship
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We’re about growing and protecting your value proposition as an adviser
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Not just expert investment management, a whole of business solution

We are not just another managed accounts provider. Acting as your outsourced investment team, we ensure you as the adviser remain a key part of the investment process and branding, helping you to enhance and protect your value proposition.

Cost efficient Institutional Grade Investment Expertise

Unlike many other asset consultants, Resonant’s team comes from an institutional direct markets background, having been fund managers or institutional market analysts/advisers themselves.  So rather than completely outsourcing most of the investment process to external fund managers, Resonant can leverage its extensive markets experience, quantitative investment IP and institutional broker relationships to add an additional layer of investment capability to your business. It also means Resonant can “in-house” the direct equities component of the Managed Accounts, reducing costs and ensuring the highest returning asset class within multi-asset portfolios is tailored exactly to your needs.

“Not just another managed account provider.”

Our Solution

In an environment of ongoing disruption, from digital change to increasing regulatory pressures, we understand advice businesses are facing ever greater challenges.

Acting as your outsourced investment team, we enable you to focus on doing what you do best, providing top quality financial advice and growing your business.

By truly partnering with your firm, we become an extension of your business, ensuring you maintain a level of ongoing engagement in the investment process that does not exist with other managers.

Our Difference

Although we are a whole of portfolio solution, we are not a simple “fund of funds” managed account provider performing a function that most advisers could do themselves. We offer true institutional funds management expertise focused on constructing actively managed portfolios using direct market securities, active managers that truly generate alpha, and ETF’s in a way that can generate tactical outperformance as well as reduce costs.

Our solution is customised, transparent, cost efficient and extremely inclusive of your firm in the mandate construction process, helping your business maintain and enhance its own value proposition.

A Team with a Track Record

Our team have a strong demonstrable track record, achieved within their current roles and at other institutional money managers. Experts in managing direct securities, combined they have decades of experience within financial markets, gained from both the buy-side and sell-side, at bulge bracket investment firms.

Best of Both Worlds

Resonant’s whole investment process is geared towards managed accounts, avoiding some of the inherent conflicts of interest managers face that run both managed funds and managed accounts. That is, the transparency and business benefits of managed accounts, but the expertise and processes of an institutional fund manager.

However, by leveraging its extensive industry experience, quantitative investment IP and institutional broker relationships, our investment team provides its clients with the best of both worlds.

Diversified Managed Portfolios

Active Investment Management

  • Through rigorous investment analysis, we seek to identify underpriced securities, with the goal of only incorporating investments which enhance the overall risk/return profile of your portfolio.
  • Our active approach allows us to respond to changes in market conditions and to quickly take advantage of investment opportunities as they arise.
  • We have a particular focus on quantitative investment management, which involves using financial models backed by academic rigour. These models use a combination of traditional “fundamental” analysis, statistical analysis and econometric analysis in order to enhance returns and have a demonstrable track record of achieving strong risk-adjusted performance.

Branded for your business

  • Our portfolios are completely “private label”, branded for your business.
  • We can also scale the level of involvement you have in the portfolio process to suit your business model and value proposition with your clients.

Complete Transparency

  • Our portfolios are completely transparent. This enables visibility of all the underlying securities your client holds, which is not the case with a traditional “fund of funds” SMA.
  • This enables visibility of all the underlying securities your client holds, which is not the case with a traditional managed fund.
  • The additional transparency allows for improved tax planning.

Diversified Across Regions & Asset Classes

  • We are not a single asset class solution. Our diversified portfolios are multi-asset and diversified globally.
  • The effective use of diversification also provides an important benefit from a risk vs return perspective. By investing in non-correlated asset classes and constantly measuring the degree of non-correlation, we can effectively achieve a greater level of return for a lower level of associated risk.

Institutional Research

  • Resonant Asset Management uses the services of institutional brokers and investment banks, meaning it has access to the latest market and stock specific research from top ranked analysts and economists globally.
  • This research feeds our own quantitative portfolio management tools, helping us to construct optimal risk/return portfolios.

Tax Aware

  • By investing directly into predominantly listed securities, you will have visibility over the taxable component of each of your client’s individual holdings at any given moment. This provides significant advantages when it comes to tax planning and minimisation. After all, it is after tax returns that matter.
  • Portfolio holdings themselves are also selected not just on their gross expected return, but also on the tax benefit they can provide to your client’s portfolio (via franking credits etc).
Ask us how we can work together to enhance your business value proposition.

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